Update on SABRE Morphing Rotor Blades Special Session: SciTech 2020

At the AIAA SciTech Forum 2020 conference and forum, the SABRE team presented their research in a dedicated special session entitled: “AS-04: Morphing Rotor Blades”.
The session was chaired by Dr Benjamin Woods and took place on the 8th of January between 2.30pm and 5.30pm. The SABRE consortium presented no fewer than 6 technical papers.  There was also an additional technical paper presented on Tuesday 7th at 10.30am in the SD-05 Structural Dynamics of Beams and Plates session.
The annual SciTech Forum and Exposition is the largest conference world-wide devoted to aerospace science and technology (this year with exploration of the aerospace industry’s contributions to a sustainable future).  In excess of 5000 participants were in attendance and over 2,500 technical presentations were given on the latest innovations spanning 50 aerospace research topics that will drive future advancements in the industry.
The Morphing Rotor Blade special session was well attended and generated great interest and much further discussion.

The papers presented at the conference by members of the SABRE Consortium were as follows:

University of Bristol
Benjamin Woods (presenting on behalf of Vaclav Ondra)
Paper: A Beam-Tendon System with an Eccentrically Mounted Tendon: Parametric Studies
(Session: SD-05 Structural Dynamics of Beams and Plates on January 7th 9.30am-12.30pm)

Andres Rivero Bracho
Paper: Numerically Efficient Three-Dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Composite Camber Morphing Aerostructures

Salvatore Ameduri
Paper: Shape Memory Alloys Compact Actuators for Aerodynamic Surfaces Twisting

TU Delft
Yasir Zahoor
Paper: Preliminary Design of a TE Morphing Surface for Rotorcraft

TU Munich
Juergen Rauleder and Amine Abdelmoula
Paper: Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Dynamic Camber Variation on the Airfoil Characteristics of a Pitching Rotor Airfoil

Swansea University + Bristol
Benjamin Woods (presenting on behalf of Chen Wang)
Paper: Passive Energy Balancing for Morphing Rotorcraft Actuation: Integration and optimisation