TU Munich and SABRE partners present work at ASME 2019 (SMASIS)

Sumeet Kumar, a graduate student at the Technical University of Munich, presented his work at the ASME 2019 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems (SMASIS) held in Louisville, Kentucky. The conference is focused on adaptive structures and materials systems that are capable of responding based on their environment of operation. Therefore, it served as the right location for sharing results obtained so far in the SABRE project and disseminating information about the project in general.

The presentation was titled “Integrated Rotor Performance Improvement and Vibration Reduction Using Active Camber Morphing”. Herein, the latest results corresponding to the potential of the active camber morphing mechanism (which is only one of the active mechanisms under investigation within SABRE) to reduce rotor-induced vibration were presented. In keeping with the theme of project of improving rotor efficiency, it was shown that it was indeed possible to simultaneously reduce both rotor power as well as rotor-induced vibration through active camber actuation using up to 2 per-rev control inputs. These results further produce confidence in the ability of the proposed morphing rotor mechanism to improve rotor efficiencies. They are expected to inform future investigative efforts using high-fidelity CFD-CSD coupled rotor analyses that are scheduled to be carried out within SABRE.

The conference was also attended by SABRE partners, Salvatore Ameduri from CIRA and Johannes Riemenschneider from DLR.