SABRE Researcher Wins Prestigious Award

Huge Congratulations from the SABRE project consortium to one of our newly recruited Researchers, Andres Rivero Bracho who has just won the prestigious “Dyson award for outstanding research towards a more sustainable future” at the STEM for Britain 2020 event which took place in the Houses of Parliament on Monday 9th March during British Science Week. The award came with a very happily received £1000 prize.

The competition annually attracts over 500 entrants, of whom approximately one third are selected to present their work in Parliament. This important annual event, which is attended by a significant number of Members of Parliament and Peers, is sponsored by Stephen Metcalfe MP, Chair of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.

Andres said of his win:

“I am delighted to be awarded the Dyson award for outstanding research towards a more sustainable future as it is a perfect match to what I’m trying to achieve with my research. Our research group led by Dr Ben Woods is researching morphing wings that can smoothly change shape during flight – with the explicit goal of making aviation more sustainable. I work with a concept called the Fish Bone Active Camber (FishBAC) device and, during my PhD I developed modelling tools and prototypes that were wind tunnel tested. The engineers from Dyson pointed out that they were glad to see that we were tackling our research from different angles since we are doing modelling, prototyping and experiments. I will now continue my research as a member of the SABRE project, which is looking into morphing for helicopter rotorblades.”