SABRE: The Movie!

SABRE are pleased and proud to announce the release of our second project video which gives a full overview and explanation of the aims and achievements of this hugely successful project as it draws to a close on 31st May 2021.
The video explores the necessity for, and the importance of, the research which has been carried out over the past 4 years and looks to the future and to potential for continuation of the project as well as other possible applications of the technologies already developed.
The project team are immensely grateful for the support and funding provided by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. The ambitious goals of the project could only have been achieved by this type of collaborative and diverse international team working together and building off of our different expertise and capabilities. These kinds of collaborative projects give rise to the unique exchange of experience and ideas which enable us, and others funded by the EU, to tackle the tightly coupled, global scale problems our societies are currently facing.
Please click on the following link to watch: